10MBps Broadband & Phone via Satellite.

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10MBps Broadband & Phone via Satellite. Empty 10MBps Broadband & Phone via Satellite.

Post  Sierra_Satellites on Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:12 am

There seems to be a lot of activity regarding the new KA (10MBps) Tooway system on the web this weekend. Don't get excited, it will not launch until May. The satellite was launched successfully on Boxing day, so now the manouvering into place will need to be done, the connections made and the complete systems tested thoroughly. This is why I have held back from announcing an actual launch date. I will also be adding this system to the "Second Home" option, which I currently do on the KU (3.6 MBps) system.

The prices will be very good, expect the monthly charges to start at 34.95€ and Tooway systems that are currently being used are capable of being adapted with a change of iLNB, dish direction and Modem. I also expect there to be offers on the existing system, so anyone on a tight budget may find this helpful, although this will continue to run at the current 3.6MBps.

I will keep everyone posted as things progress, but if you have a particular interest let me know and I will contact you directly with the details as and when they become available.

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