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We are a professional exporter and wholsaler of the photogrtaphic items we can provide you with all kinds of minilab machine accessories
and necessities, including Noritsu lense, Konica lense, Fuji lense, 4up lens, 6 up lens, 8 up lens etc. also 8" 10" 12" paper magazine for noritsu ,
fuji, konica all model machine, and other spare parts and necessities for photographic shop, like splicing tape, twin check lable, filter, sort leader,
lamp, dark bag, film sleever, etc. Please kindly send email to minilabshop at yahoo dot com or chat lerroy231 at yahoo dot com

Digital carrier (used):
Saibao147 digital carrier USD1950/unit
Dugao80 digital carrier USD1700/unit
E-filming 131 digital carrier USD1700/unit
E-filming 147 digital carrier USD1800/unit
Prism80 digital carrier USD1700/unit

Flyimage 300 digital carrier USD1800/unit
GPE 131 digital carrier USD1900/unit
GPE 147 digital carrier USD2200/unit

Sunimage80 digital carrier USD1600/unit
Sunimage LD6000 digital carrier USD1800/unit
Jincheng 400 Mega pixel digital carrier USD1750/unit

We have GPE D4 digital carrier, original new, Distributor price is USD6000/unit.

Accessories (new&used):

Original new:
AOM driver Noritsu USD550
AOM driver Fuji USD650
Epson 13Y/13U(45g/55g) LCD driver (new) USD1200
Doli 13Y/13U(45g/55g) LCD driver USD1200

China made new:
Lower turn belt for Noritsu LPS PRO USD100/PC
Lower turn belt for QSS2301/2611 USD25/PC
QSS3201/2901/3701 paper magazine USD350
Fuji Frontier 330/340/350/370/375 paper magazine US$390

Used in good condition:
2901 MLVA USD10000
Repair B type laser gun (with guarantee) USD1800
Repair A type laser gun (with guarantee) USD2200
Images Processing PCB for QSS3001 USD2200 (used)
Motor driver QSS2301 USD100
Konica R2 dual paper magazine US$ 410
Pakon235+ film scanner USD1500/unit
Pakon135+ film scanner USD1300/unit

Minilab machine

Used in good condition,standard accessories:
Doli2300 USD10000
QSS3201 USD36000
QSS3001 USD10000
QSS3021 USD10000
QSS3300 USD13500
QSS2901 USD18500
Fuji350/Fuji370 USD20000
Fuji 340 USD16500
Sophia 990E USD3300
KIS89 USD5200

Original new with wooden pallet:

Doli0810 USD17500
Doli1210 USD22500
Doli1810 USD36500
Doli2410 USD46500
Doli2300 USD29000
One year warantee for machine, 3 years warantee for laser head

We sell:

1. All kinds of digital carriers and spare parts for digital carriers.
2. minilab necessities like paper magazine, lens, twin checker lable, etc.
3. China Made Lens and Paper Magazine
4. Noritsu/Fuji/Konica/Doli minilab machine and other China made minilab
5. All kinds of minilab accessories and spare parts

Any requirements pls feel free to send us an email. We will reply soon upon receipt of your inquiry.

Best regards,

Peace talk International Co., Ltd.
Email: minilabshop at yahoo dot com lerroy231 at yahoo dot com
MSN: peacetalk4u2003 at

Address in china: Nanning 530007, China
Address in Usa; 2601 Allinton road Carronton Texas


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