A guide to buying property in Spain

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A guide to buying property in Spain Empty A guide to buying property in Spain

Post  Admin on Tue Aug 10, 2010 7:38 am

Moving to Spain is a big step. There is an old chestnut that says a Brit arriving in Spain leaves his brains at the airport. Don't be one of those, do your research before you step foot on the plane. Living in Spain can be an absolute delight and most people who make the move never regret their choice. Remember, however, living in Spain is not an extension of your holidays and there are many things for you to learn.
Once you have made up your mind to buy in Spain choosing your Spanish estate agent or property consultant is probably the most important choice you will make apart from the property itself. Choose the wrong estate agent and you could have a wasted trip on your hands. Get the right one and life is so much easier.

In Spain, there are no effective controls on estate agents or any other business or individual selling property and so it is very much a case of "Caveat Emptor" or let the buyer beware.
Buying a property in Spain is very different from that in the UK and it is a good idea to know just what to expect before you start your search for your new Spanish home - its not difficult, just different. Here we set out the documentation and offices connected with buying a property, with some special references to newly reformed cave homes, which can have peculiarities of their own.

To start with we will very briefly set out what happens when you purchase a property, then deal with the documentation and offices involved.

The Buying Procedure - Spanish Property
What is outlined in this section is generally what you can expect to happen when you buy a property in Spain. Not included are the all important checks that should be carried out prior to purchase, which include:
who owns the property
what exactly the property consist of, and is the property free of debts, mortgages, and legal restraints?
These checks should be carried out by a competent person, such as an abogado (lawyer) or gestor (legal administrator) before you start the buying procedure.
The Steps
Step 1. Signing the Private Contract or Contrato Privado. This is a contract between the buyer and seller of a property, it is signed by both parties and witnessed.
Step 2. The signing of the Escritura de Compraventa. The Escritura de Compraventa is the official document recording the transfer of ownership. It is signed in front of the Notario. When the seller and buyer sign this document the ownership of the property passes to the buyer.
Step 3. Registration of the property in the Catastro when the Referencia Catastral, or Catastral number is issued (if the property did not have this number previously).
Step 4. Registration of the property in the Registro de la Propiedad. When this is done a new the Escritura Publica (title deed) and Nota Simple can be issued and the buying process is fully complete.

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A guide to buying property in Spain Empty Re: A guide to buying property in Spain

Post  confused.es on Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:01 am

Hi Admin. Don't forget about decree 218 in Andalucía. Whilst it's not as widely policed as it should be, it is the law and it does give buyers vital information on the professionalism of agents.


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