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Post  Ken on Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:27 am

Yesterday I had a meeting with the Director of Adult Education for the region. He is responsible for the towns of Baza, Benamaurel, Cüllar, Caniles, Cortes De Baza, Cuevas Del Campo, Freila, Zújar and Bácor.
Registration for lessons, in all towns, will take place on Wednesday 15th September at 6pm in the Adult Institute in Baza. The address is CEPER MARIA DE LUNA, Sor Florencia,3, Baza. Directions: Park in the Old Railway Station , C/Ronda, cross the road at the lights and descend the two flights of steps in the general direction of "Bank Street". At the bottom of the second flight the Institute is immediatey on your right. Enter the gate turn left and the office is on the first floor. For those who find negotiating two flights of steps (Like me), access can be made closer to the building, but parking is at a premium.
Indications are that lessons will definately be held in Baza, Cúllar,Benamaurel and Freila. The other towns will dependant on numbers registering.So if you live in one of those areas and want the lessons there, encourage your friends to register on 15th.and they may have lessons if there is the support. (Huescar comes under another authority, I am told there will definately be free lessons available there and the teacher is a fantastic lady called Laura, she is contactable at the Education Centre. I don´t knoe the contact details, but the should be available at the Ayuntemiento
ALL of the teachers are qualified and from past experience I have found them to be helpful, supportive and motivational, especially for shy or nervous students. There will be different levels available dependant on ability. In addition to lessons they organise trips, outings, competitions with Spanish students, (not obligatory).
PS I lied, the lessons are not free. YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE EFFORT. Smile


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