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Which HD TV? Empty Which HD TV?

Post  Sierra_Satellites on Wed Mar 09, 2011 4:47 am

I have been checking out the TV market and have noticed a few changes and thought it would be useful to outline a few points in a post.
What we all came to Know as “HD Ready” is fast becoming a second grade TV. HD Ready is now being used as the term for 720p sets, with 1080i and 1080p (i = interlaced and p = progressive scanning) sets being advertised as “Full HD”. This will make a big difference to the quality of the picture you get and is something that needs to be at the top of the list of things to check, with the refresh rate (frequencia) in second place. You will see 50hz, 60hz, 100hz and 200hz, this affects the motion blur that is evident on some sets, so the higher the better. There are also LCD, LEDlcd, OLED and Plasma. I feel that the choice between LCD and LEDlcd is a matter of personal taste, with the OLED due to become the popular choice as it takes hold. The OLED sets are very slim (as little as 9mm thick on some sets) and economical to run, but are still in the early stages. Plasma sets are reputed to have the least motion blur, but you have to watch for my first point and most sets are above 42”, so are too large for many rooms. Most sets are now suitable to use as pc displays, meaning you can download and play films on the TV. Look for the pc connection in the specifications. There is also a move towards direct internet connection, which allows you to access web content using the TV remote. This would involve hiding the ISP for some, as mentioned in previous posts to access BBCi player etc.. There are also sets that allow you to plug in a USB memory stick, some play music and pictures only, but others will also play HD films.
I have also found a lot of Spanish outlets on the internet who offer prices that compete with prices you will expect pay from the UK, some even offer free postage. There are even shops in Andorra that will post items to you at a reasonable cost.
Whatever you decide, search for reviews before buying, many models are now sold in different countries and have a built in manual, in up to 25 languages, so you should find some reviews in English.

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